p1 Bottles and Pics Nerium Cards by Nancy Conrad

Nerium Business Cards

page2 nerium postcard 3 - Reber -4.25inx5.5in-h-frontAs a Nerium Brand Partner, you know how important it is to keep up with your contacts. The Nerium corporate back office has terrific resources, but many of us have added still more ways to share your opportunity with others.

We’re in the process of updating ALL of our graphics to reflect the updated branding of Nerium anti-aging products as well as introduce the latest product to keep you youthful – EHT!

2-A-Day Cards

Our postcards fit into most shirt pockets and travel well in purses or handbags without becoming wrinkled or damaged.

That means you can go out to the grocery store, coffee shop, or at the kids’ soccer game, and simply pull out a colorful card with YOUR before and after pictures to show your friends and acquaintances.

 Optimera Cards Too!

Yup – we now have Optimera cards for our Canadian Brand Partners!! Use your photos of REAL results collected from actual customers, or Nerium International’s approved photos. Check with us for shipping costs to Canada!


They work so well! My upline gave me copies of her cards, and I started making sales using them even before my own bottles arrived!”— Celeste, California


“Thanks Nancy – these were fast and easy!” — Frank, California

How to Order

1. Simply pick out your card style from the choices below

2. Email your order request, along with any custom photos (jpg please!) to info@nancyconrad.com 

You can personalize your cards with your own Before And After photos or use the ones we have here, or any you see on Facebook or Pinterest.

2-a-Day Postcards

4.25 x 5.5 postcard printed in full color, gloss cover stock

Your cards are customized with your contact info, and choice of photos.

Shipping is included!

1,000  – $90.99 including shipping in the contiguous U.S, plus tax, if applicable

2,500 – $122.99 plus tax, if applicable

5,000 – $173.99 plus tax, if applicable



1A Bottles & Pics Style Postcard

2A Page 1 Sample Postcard


3A Page 1 Sample Postcard for Optimera

6A p1 Optimera Sample Postcard 4.25inx5.5in-h-front

4A Page 1 Sample Postcard for NeriumFirm

Sample NeriumFirm postcard -4.25inx5.5in

1B Page 2 Sample Postcard

page2 Nerium Postcard Sample -4.25inx5.5in

2B Page 2 Sample Postcard

3B Page 2 Sample Postcard


page2 Gallery with directions nerium postcard-4.25inx5.5in

4B Page 2 Sample Postcard For Optimera

6B p2 Optimera Sample postcard -4.25inx5.5in

6A Sample

Nerium Spanish Postcard

(Other Side In English)

Nerium Postcard Spanish Version


Standard Business Cards

2 x 3.5 business card printed in full color, gloss cover stock

Your cards are customized with your contact info, and choice of photos.

Shipping is included!

1,000  – $33.75 including shipping, plus tax, if applicable

For larger orders, please email info@nancyconrad.com for pricing

Sample 2x3.5 business cards p1
B1 Standard 2×3.5 business card
Sample Business card ver. 3 2x3.5 p1
B2 – p1 Standard 2×3.5 business card with photo
B3 - p1 2x3.5 card with The Nerium Lady
B3 – p1 2×3.5 card with The Nerium Lady
Sample 2x3.5 business cards p2
B4 – p2 Standard 2×3.5 business card with photos
B5 p1 Day Night 2x3.5 business cards
B5 – p1 Standard Day/Night Creme 2×3.5 business card with photo
B6 Nerium firm 2x3.5 business cards p2
B6 Nerium Firm 2×3 business cards p2 with changeable photos


20 thoughts on “Nerium Business Cards”

  1. Hello,

    I would like to know if we can make the postcards double sided? I would love to have nerium firm on one side and teh Nerium AD on the other, please let me know.

    Thank you,


  2. HI Nancy,

    I’d like to order some 1000 postcards.

    Do you have a layout with BOTH Nerium & the Firm bottle images and before/after on the FRONT of the card? Maybe a combo of 4A(Firm) and 3B(Nerium)?


    1. Hi Mireya – I’ve sent you a sample by email. YES – we can put all three things on a postcard – it’s a tighter squeeze on a business card though. Not impossible though. If you’d like to do this, just send an email to info@nancyconrad.com

  3. Looking for business cards with Nerium Firm and NeriumAD before and after pictures and my info.. do you have these available?

  4. I am interested in the postcards. Can I do the 1a with the 4 pics on the bottom along with nerium firm on the back? Is there a way to somehow talk about 3ur free somewhere as well?

    Also, interested in the business cards. B2 business card with photo. Does that have more before and after on back?

    Cost for both?

    1. Hi Jodie – Of course! I’ll send you a copy of an example. Check your email for something from me. If we do 1,000 of both the postcard handouts and the business card it should run $121.00 – including delivery in the contiguous U.S.

    2. Hello, I like the 2a front but I would like to have a combination of results pics for firm and nerium ad. Can we merge both to front and back Nerium ad front, firm back, pics and my contact info. If we have room to add the 3 ur free then great. Can you send me a proof and I would order 1000. Last question, can I order half with my contact info and website and half with a brand partners site?

      1. Hi Jody,
        I’ll send you an email with a sample! I can start an order for you and send you a PayPal link, and once that’s processed you’ll get a draft to review. And of course, you’ll have an opportunity to change or edit their cards up to three times before printing.

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