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As a Brand Partner, you know how important it is to keep up with your contacts. The Nerium corporate back office has terrific resources, but many of us have added still more ways to share your opportunity with others.

We’re in the process of updating ALL of our graphics to reflect the updated branding of Nerium anti-aging products as well as introduce the latest product to keep you youthful – EHT!

2-A-Day Cards

Our postcards fit into most shirt pockets and travel well in purses or handbags without becoming wrinkled or damaged.

That means you can go out to the grocery store, coffee shop, or at the kids’ soccer game, and simply pull out a colorful card with YOUR before and after pictures to show your friends and acquaintances.

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1A p1 (Front)


A1 Front Nerium Card

P2 A1 (Back)

P1 A2


B2 (Back)

P1 A3 (Front)


B3 P2

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About Nancy Conrad

Nancy Conrad has been helping Nerium Brand Partners build their businesses since 2012. She started as a Brand Partner designing her own materials, and once others started seeing them at events and gatherings, she began to get more requests to create similar materials for others. She offers the best prices, customized assistance, and a finished product delivered to your door!

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What Our Customers are Saying

“That was easy! Got my cards fast.” Frank

Nerium Brand Partner

“They work so well! My upline gave me copies of her cards, and I started making sales using them even before my own bottles arrived!” Celeste

Nerium Brand Partner

“Wow. That was easy! I LOVE these!! Thanks so much Nancy


Nerium Brand Partner

“YAY –  I am super excited to receive them and will be showing them to the BP’s on our team tonight at our BP training.”


Nerium Brand Partner