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**WARNING: The following story is not suitable for all audience members. May induce depression and feelings of helplessness. **

broken-piggy-bankYes, the news is grim. There are a LOT of people who have saved little to nothing for retirement. Nearly half of all working-age families have saved nothing in any retirement account. The median family had set aside just $5,000.

If you are among the top 10 percent, you’ll have saved about $274,000 in your IRA.

See the Full Story in The Fiscal Times.

I challenge anyone to pay themselves first by setting aside a measly 10% of your net income. Once you make this a habit, everything else gets easier.

There can be a happy ending, I believe. My retirement plan to use real estate and notes to build an income is doable for anyone, even with just a few thousand dollars to start with. There are notes available at all different price points. You just have to know where to look and who you can get these notes from. (Don’t be shy — contact me if you want access to notes so that you can save your retirement!)