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I had a terrible head cold recently that forced me to cancel meetings and work from my home office – which was temporarily established on the couch in front of the TV with my blankie. I was accompanied by multiple decongestants and several boxes of tissues.

Thank goodness for streaming video. I had the chance to watch a 2012 documentary called The Wall Street Conspiracy (http://thewallstreetconspiracy.com) that confirmed my aversion to investing in stocks and mutual funds.

Wall Street Is Not A Safe Place To Invest

Let me bring you quickly up to speed on why: there are too many people you’ll never meet who are silently helping themselves to your money when it’s invested in Wall Street. I’m surprised that so few people seem to be up in arms about this.

The Wall Street Conspiracy talks about something called Naked Short Selling where opportunistic investment firms were nefariously making money off of small businesses by selling phantom shares for less than what they would have paid for them if they had actually bought them.

That’s right – they were selling shares short that never existed. Legitimate brokerages were essentially creating counterfeit stock sales under the nose of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Apparently, everybody was all right with this.

How is it that our government allows this to happen? I’ll let them explain:

This is why you should invest in real estate and learn how to do it properly.

Why Real Estate Is Safer

People always need to live someplace in good times and bad. You can buy one property or many; you can even buy the mortgage notes that finance these properties and take the position the bank does – directly from your IRA or from the collective IRAs of you and your friends, if you need to. That way you’re not borrowing money and not getting into trouble if values go up or down.

Last weekend, still on a tear from The Wall Street Conspiracy and feeling much better thank you, my sweetie and I went to see Monster Money, where George Clooney plays a flamboyant financial commentator who entertains the masses with his stock market insights packaged for the average guy.

It’s not a stretch to say Clooney’s character bears a strong resemblance to the host of Mad Money With Jim Cramer currently on CNBC. Some of the plot points force you to suspend your relationship with reality, but the main point is the same as The Wall Street Conspiracy: if you don’t mind your money, someone else is going to take advantage of you.

And speaking of fiction: The idea of investing passively in some mutual fund and waiting for 30 years for it to turn into something you can live on in your golden years is serious cow dung.

Every single IRA that’s available in the workplace for a W2 employee is tied to some kind of mutual fund. Somebody is making a nice cut off of your savings, every year, and it’s taking away from your nest egg. In fact, many of those fees are hidden. “The truth is that 96% of actively managed mutual funds do not beat the market over a 15-year span,” says Tony Robbins, whose most recent book Money, is written to help people navigate the stock market.

Why? Fees. Here’s what it does to your money:

The Effect of Fees On Mutual FundsTo be sure, investing isn’t free and I get that. But you can show up to a local real estate meetup and find dozens of people who are already doing what I’m talking about. They’ll help you because these guys are like me: we are the survivors of the Wall Street Zombie Apocalypse – we may not know you now, but we are happy to show a fellow survivor the way.