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Creating Retirement Income At Any Age

I just read a report saying that an average U.S. citizen who has paid into the social security system can expect to bring in about $1,360 a month, or $16,320 a year. That’s a pretty slim amount of money, if you have nothing else saved and no pension. A lot of...

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Why You Should Say Yes To Seller Financing

When you sell your next house, have you thought about financing it yourself? Most times when I suggest this, people look at me like I just grew a third eye. But really – if you haven’t considered what seller financing can do to your bottom line, you’re leaving money...

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How to grow your asset portfolio FAST

When I tell people what I'm doing and talk about how quickly we've been able to build our IRA assets, they always want to know how it works. Problem is, I need to SHOW them. So I put together a quick video to run through a couple examples that anybody can use, whether...

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Why Do Women Save More For Retirement?

Excuse me while I gloat just a little bit, but new research says women score big when it comes to saving for retirement. According to Jean Young, senior research analyst with the Vanguard Center for Retirement Research, “Women are better at this.” Vanguard peeked into...

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How Do You Buy A Note?

The phone rang today and it was a colleague who wanted to find out more about what I’m doing in the world of finance. She’s in the traditional mortgage industry, and she knows I’m buying notes, but she wanted me to explain how it works and what I do. Let me share with...

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3 Amazing Retirement Income Strategies

The First National Bank of You How to build your retirement income FAST Wouldn’t you like to get your IRA earning more money? And wouldn’t you like it to take less time? That works for me. I’m going to show you some strategies you can use starting now in your self...

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I'm a self directed IRA investor using real estate and notes to build my portfolio in the quickest - but safest way possible. Here you'll find me sharing my latest tips and great finds so that you can use them for yourself.

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